Tomorrow is Single’s Awareness DayHappy Singles

At the end of my days of late, as I’m closing up the house and preparing to return to the apartment, it gets hard to walk out and not be sad and angry all at the same time.

I’ve come to realize I had no idea who I was married to the past six years.  In the past two months I’ve come to find out so much that was hidden from me.  So many lies.  So many other people were around who I had no idea about.  So many deceptions.  So many family secrets.

Last night in the master bedroom I stood at the edge of what would have been her side of the bed and stared at the ghost of who in the past slept there so many days and nights before with her head completely covered in blankets and pillows, no doubt in partial asphyxiation.  It’s sad to think about at times, but it really has caused me to get my life back together and realize there is a joy in being single and not attached.

I’m celebrating Single Awareness Day tomorrow, not as a sad thing, but as a point of clarity in my life.

It’s great to no longer be living with someone who is living multiple lives and trying to keep track of God knows how many lies. Maybe the doctors in the 90s weren’t so wrong after all….

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