Gillette ProGlide Ultimate Summer Job Crew Adam & Jason Visit Austin, TX

For the third Tuesday in a row, my daughter Chandler, 13, and I headed off on an adventure, this one to Austin, TX to meet Adam and Jason, the two guys with the coolest jobs in America–they’ve been picked, and rightly so, by  Gillette to travel the country this summer and talking about the benefits of using the revolutionary men’s razor, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide. (Check out their own Blog!)

You will remember my incredible adventure back in late May when I flew to NYC to meet with other men bloggers to talk with Gillette about their then-to-be-released ProGlide at Yankee’s Stadium.  I learned so much about the science of shaving that day.  After two hours, we then went and watched the Yanks get beaten by the Blue Rays.

So when I got a call Friday saying Jason and Adam were going to be in Austin, all I needed to know from Gillette was where to meet them. (They did put two tanks of gas in my car to get me to and from…)  They had decided upon The La Zona Rosa where Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros were playing.  I’d never heard “Home” before, but now, given that I used to live in Alabama, I keep hearing Jade singing, “Alabama Arkansas, I do love my ma and pa…”  You’ll hear Adam do his version in the video.

We’d hoped to have the shaving station on display across the street from La Zona Rosa, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Nonetheless, we were able to meet with many of the guys standing around the area waiting for the show, and gave them free ProGlides.  The irony is that it doesn’t look like Edward Sharpe has shaved, let alone had a haircut or maybe even bathed, in weeks, so when it came to the bands fans hanging out for the show, several of them didn’t have shaving on their minds either.

I really have enjoyed my ProGlide and I’ve been tempted to set up the camera in the bathroom and do a video using it.  But so far, I’ve saved you all from seeing that!

But like I’ve noted here before, I have enjoyed the vibrating function of the razor.  The new blade configuration lifts each hair to cut it closer and closer and I’ve been getting the smoothest shaves over the past month.  And what used to happen whenever I previously would pull out one of those disposable razors–gashes in my face, has been eliminated.  I have four times more cutting power on my face and have yet to injure myself.

Jason and Adam are two of the coolest guys I’ve met in a long time.  They really do have the coolest job in America.  And like I’ve mentioned with my friends Carly from Indiana, etc. they’re living a great life adventure every day.   And you can tell that in just how they talk, act and hey, Adam even broke out this four-foot-long skate board and took it for a spin there in front of La Zona Rosa.

I encourage you to check them out on their website, and see when they’re going to be in your town.  They’re a hoot and you’ll also get to meet Cory, their driver and Cali, who seems to know everyone in America.

And more than anything, you need to check out this great new product for men.  That is, if you’re wanting to look sharp, in a different way than Edward Sharpe….  🙂 (I did download their latest off iTunes when I got HOME last night and I’m actually playing it now as I write.  Worth checking out…  Alabama Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa, Not as much as I do love you…”

Now Chandler and I need to figure out where to go next Tuesday night!

This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


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