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Anti-Gun Nuts To The Rescue! How About Nut Control Instead?

by | Jan 9, 2011 | Featured | 0 comments

Well, that didn’t take long.  Politico is reporting tonight that Dem. House member from NY Carolyn McCarthy is planning to introduce new gun control legislation as early as tomorrow in the wake of Rep. Gabrielle Giffons’ shooting Saturday in Arizona by a nut job.  110101 mccarthy guns ap 605

We’re back to the same old tired stuff.

Instead of limiting guns in America, last time I checked that was protected in the Constitution–let’s do something else.  Now I need to say that I sympathize with her loss of her husband and understand her motivation.  In fact, I honor it.  I’m working on Veronica Galaviz’s project Living To Share for some of the same reason.  But you don’t mend madness with more madness.  It’s kind of like sending the head of the FBI to Arizona yesterday.  Other than symbolism, did it really do any good for America’s lead crime fighter to be in Arizona?

Nut Control Legislation

How about we introduce a bill that says Nut Cases can’t have guns?  The reason we don’t is because it’s not enforceable.  The sad fact is that a mentally depressed person intent on doing something mad like Saturday is almost always going to find what they need to carry out their madness.  I worked with state troopers when I was in the governor’s office years ago.  Their greatest fears weren’t a car with mercenaries unloading on them.  Their worries were if one goofy nut like Jared Lee Loughner got close enough with the intent to do what Loughner did yesterday.

So Mrs. McCarthy will have her soapbox and so will the rest of the anti-gun lobby.  Maybe they could all fly out to Arizona, too.  It’d make as much sense as sending Robert Mueller out there.

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