HIMYM Mother Revelation Anti-Climactic? Only if you read Yahoo!

HIMYM Mother Revelation Anti-Climactic?

I started writing this based on the Yahoo! review and the YouTube video of the revelation of the Mother on CBS’s long-running show, How I Met Your Mother.

How I met your mother

How I met your mother

After watching the actual show, I think the show was just where it needed to be, wound with the threads and twists that have made it fun to watch for so very long. But kids, let me tell you about what I was thinking from reading this review from Yahoo!


Much of my life has changed as Ted‘s (Josh Radner) has stayed the same over the past seven/eight years of the How I Met Your Mother saga on CBS.  I’ve finalized a divorce and then found someone, gotten married, found out what I should have long before I got involved, had my life ripped apart, my heart broken (literally with a heart attack supported by both marriages) and now I find myself on level footing for what likely is the first time in my life. And here we still have “Ted being Ted,” but after Monday night’s season finale, we now know who “Mother” is going to be through the revelation of the YELLOW umbrella, the boots, the train ticket purchase, etc. It’s all coming together and frankly, I’m maybe wishing I didn’t know.

And let’s be honest here. The writers at HIMYM had a lot to overcome when they revealed her.  After all, we’ve been treated to the joys of Drumroll please, clearly one of the best romance episodes ever made for TV in 23 minutes or less, to the reintroduction of Victoria and then her passing from the show and Ted’s life once and for all.

Finally introducing Mom was/is a tall act to follow and I guess I’m just wishing there had been more to it.


Yes, still much of my life has changed, but so has Ted’s. He’s done a lot of growing up in the past seven or eight years and his decision to flee New York after fixing up his house and coming to the conclusion that “she” isn’t in New York, but maybe Chicago, is spot on Ted. With the agony he anticipates feeling seeing Robin married to Barney, (that’s still weird to watch knowing Barney’s real life sexual orientation), Ted thinks it will be too hard to be around it all. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation before. It’s not a fun place.

But kids, let’s get back to last night’s show.

Each person in the show is headed in a new direction; one they don’t realize. Yeah, I know. That’s how life is. We make a plan, we think we’re going to live it out and then something happens that dramatically alters every plan we had. Makes you wonder if Robin and Barney really are going to get married. I believe there was an episode last year that says they didn’t.  Or did they?

We now know that Lilly thinks she’s moving to Italy though won’t entirely be surprised when she’s not. Marshall thought he was going to Italy but is now going to be a judge. Ted thinks he’s headed to Chicago and the girl “with cute boots that we can share cos they’ll fit me” is buying a train ticket to Farhampton.

In reading the Yahoo! version and then watching the clip, I was sad to see that we finally have an answer to the question that’s been there for so very long. After watching the show, well, there was a certain magic in how she was revealed because the set up of the discussion between Ted and Lilly, who always has been so good at pulling “do you like him/her or not” out of people.  It wasn’t a Drum roll moment, no, but it still was enough to say, “next season, we’re going to finally get a lot of answers and no matter how many we get, we’re still going to be hanging on wishing there was going to be more.”



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