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Holiday Reminders: Water the Christmas Tree, Check the Lights, Keep Christ in Christmas

by | Dec 9, 2009 | Featured | 1 comment

Just in case your forgot, if you have a live Christmas tree in your house, it's still thirsty.  Did you water it today?  WATER YOUR LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE!

The past few years I've noticed as I was taking the lights off the tree that there was slight blackening taking place where the lights had gotten too hot against the tree.  This has lead me to burn the lights less and give them time to cool off in between when they're on and off.

Some people like to use shorthand notation to write Christmas.  (X-Mas.)  This often is offensive to Christians who often say, "Keep Christ in Christmas," and when you use X-Mas, that's what they're talking about.  And since his birth is the reason for the holiday to begin with, please, use the extra five characters. 

If you have kids, remember, when you leave, they're probably going through your best hiding places to see what they're getting. If you have things you don't want them to find, you either need to lock it up and keep the key on you, or keep them down the street at the neighbor's or your parents' house.

It's a season of joy and giving.  Try to do both this season.  Look past the stressors and strains and seek the peace and symbolism of the holiday.  And don't forget that giving is better than receiving.  Or so they say!

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  1. Michelle Bogue-Trost

    Incidentally, and perhaps not completely satisfactory, the first letter in the Greek word for Christ Christos), is the letter chi, represented by, you got it, an “X.” The “X” is not cutting out Christ, simply abbreviating. In Greek. Just sayin’.


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