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Layers–all that I would have missed seeing, but for one instant tonight

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Featured | 0 comments

Just a few minutes ago, as I backed the top-down convertible from the garage, I stopped to look up as I awaited the eldest son to come bounding out of the house.

As I sat there looking up, I saw a beautiful half moon directly over head.  As my eyes focused in and out of the moon above, I began to see a soft layer of clouds moving in between.  A small plane, almost  T-37
resembling a T-37 (Which I had no idea they called a "Tweet), flying from west to east out of DFW flew in the next layer below the clouds. At the same time, a flock of black birds were flying in the same direction headed for their evening nests.  Ever closer still, I also could see gnats about 10-15 above, and then a brown moth.

All that for a brief instant.  The plane flew off.  The birds flew by.  The gnats, who the hell knows where gnats go at night — with an increasing propensity to be up your nose. 

And then my son came out.  The moment was over.  Or so I thought.  I backed out the drive way.  And in the rear view mirror as I also headed due east, came the orangest of lights from the setting sun, mixing in with a lower bed of clouds than I saw over the house.  It was one of those Ken Burns Civil War sunsets tonight.   Center_03

All that in an instant.  And if it had been any other time of the day I would have totally missed it.  Completely. 


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