Off-grid Living Chores for Exciting Week 3 in the Beautiful UP

The off-grid living chores are piling up, here’s which one’s I’m prioritizing

EDITOR’s NOTE: Yesterday, I posted a video about being stuck in the mud on the property drive. However, in the editing process, the render bar only extended 8 minutes of the whole video. The full-length, which shows how I finally got the car out, is posted below.

Maycee and I are set up, but there is still much to be done and redone.

Like the video below, which only posted 8 minutes worth of Thursday.

Mud Wrestling in Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Week 2 | The Timberlander

The chore list for off-grid living in the UP Week 3

Apologies for leaving y’all hanging yesterday over the eight minutes depicting the trouble I was in yesterday when the 2009 Chvy Traverse got stuck on the hill exiting our property. I’ve included the remedied video below.
A friend asked why we’re dealing with this hill when it’s clearly not a high spot on the land.
Last week, my “neighbor” and I talked about places to put the tents after a number of visits by my local bear friend.
The current campsite isn’t ideal for multiple reasons, but as opposed to the 13 weeks of 2022, it’s actually on our property!
I have a spot on higher ground selected, but I desperately needed to get us into the big tent and out of the teepee before the rains of the last week began. So, I worked to get the best before the rains began and continued and continued and continued.

A break in the rains? Depends on the source.

My iPhone Weather app says there’s no rain expected in the 10-day forecast.
But the NWS on what was KI Sawyer AFB, where I lived multiple times as a kid, says there’s a 50 percent chance of showers Saturday afternoon.
So as for moving the campsie to higher ground and closer to where I’m building the new shed/cabin, I’m not sure that’s all doable between now and tomorrow PM.
Off-grid living chores include cleaning up the mud.

Off-grid living chores include cleaning up the mud.

Highly saturated soil of the Huron Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Regardless of where I move the tent, after 16 weeks now out in these woods, I realize that the ground remains saturated pretty much until September.
Even then, there will still be moisture issues on the floor of the tent(s) because it seeps up from the ground and doesn’t ever seem to dry out completely.
This seems to be the one off-grid living chore I can do little to rectify.

Most important off-grid living chore I need to complete is: Get my new shed built.

What I need to make happen more than anything, is to get the darned shed built.
Then we will no longer be plagued by the saturation of the ground, we’ll have more excellent safety from the bear(s) and can do something more with my coolers to keep food in them and not be worried about the bear(s) coming and feasting on the food or us!

The Week 3 punch list of off-grid living chores

Basically, I need about six more of me working simultaneously to fix what are present liabilities.
Those include:
  • Building the shed
  • Widening the clearing we’re in to see what’s coming before it sees/smells us
  • Making an oak post for my Peavy/Kant to be able to roll logs
  • Making a cart and bench since the car can’t go down into the site for now
  • Getting my 4500 W dual-fuel generator broken in and stored where it can be functional, vent as needed, and stay dry for when the NWS screws up the forecast
  • Getting some timber-framed fencing up to serve at least as a hurdle to straight access to our sleeping area(s) and food storage
  • Taking the strimmer, chainsaws, rakes, tree clippers, etc, and working the nine-tenths-of-a-mile overgrown two-track that leads to our property line so bigger trucks/tractors can get in for deliveries and situations like yesterday.

My “neighbor” has all but said he doesn’t want to come back into our spot in the woods until the road is wider. This is even with his four-wheeler, which as you will see from the new video, saved the day yesterday. Thanks, George, I’m deeply appreciative of your assistance.

Stay tuned. There’s lots more to come!

Yesterday’s link to getting stuck in the mud!

This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


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