Senior citizens sexting

I guess those who work at KTLV in East Texas are trying to prove why they're working at a TV station in such a low-ranked market.  Tonight's feature was a story on the potential of senior citizens in the area sexting–sending sexual photos to each other–that in all parts of the world is getting people put in jail. Images

What an asinine story.  

Their story makes it sound fun to send some one a racy, risque message, photo or video.  They even quote Will Warren, 68, saying "I guess it's fun." 

Then they quote a licensed professional counselor talking about how if older people have feelings for another that they might want to "use what's available," to show it. 

But the point is, sexting is horrible and it's dangerous and this wasn't said at all in this story.  All one has to do is look at the pages of this blog to find how others' lives have been ruined by sending such photos to others, including the 41-year-old school teacher who turned herself in to police last Friday for allegedly sending such materials to a 15-year-old boy. 

The media has a responsibility to handle this subject with a lot more brains than how KLTV has done.  Sure, it may be fun to talk about how grandmas and grandpas are still having a sexual drive and how if they really wanted to, they could take a photo of themselves and send it on to someone else, but the dangers for them are just as real. 

What if granny gets ticked at the naked grandpa and decides she's going to send the photo to all the women in town she has in her cell phone?  What if she sends one to another man and he sends it on to all in town and her grand kids or her own children see it?  What if some nut is sending such photos to grandma and isn't really Grandpa Jones from the farm on the West side of town and instead is some nut who gets turned on by older women's bodies and she gets raped or attacked?

And what about all the children in East Texas who might have seen this story tonight.  "Well, heck!" they might be thinking because of this story, "If grandma and grandpa are sending neckid photos, why can't I?"

And then their granddaughter does it, the boy gets mad at her and sends her photo to all his friends in their quiet little small, East Texas town, ruining the girl's reputation until long after she's moved away, if she ever gets to. 

This was bad journalism on the part of KLTV tonight.  I hope you'll visit their site and tell them they'd better be more responsible in what they put on TV.  While grandma and grandpa might be watching, so are their grandchildren and great grandchildren, and the results of doing what they made light of tonight, might be a little more serious than grandpa getting his horse out of the barn.

This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


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