When Life Gives You Lululemons–Eh….

Reading Lauren Weisberger’s When Life Gives You Lululemons is out of character for me. Like picking up Cosmopolitan magazine and reading cover-to-cover.

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Yet several weeks ago it was big on the New York Times Bestseller Hardcover List and it spent several weeks there. In my quest to become a better reader, I bought it, read it, and studied the novel in hopes of finding ways to make myself a better writer.

To her credit, Weisberger at least knows that U.S. senators don’t ride around in limousines all the time like Lisa Wingate errantly seems to think in Before We Were Yours in modern-day South Carolina.

Weisberger’s plot hinges on a senator being in cahoots with a local police department being able to frame his wife with DUI on a holiday and a Hollywood-based spin doctor being able to get her out of trouble after finding the senator’s wife and the spin doctor have a mutual friend in the suburbs of Connecticut. So the story winds around the three women who learn new things about themselves–mostly about the spin doctor who learns that she’s not a washed-up spin doctor and that there is more to life than helping the country’s elite lie their way out of their sick problems. So much so that at the end of the book … well, I don’t do spoilers, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

When I read books I usually actively underline passages that I might like to come back to or find insightful about the human experience. I didn’t underline anything in this book.

This is/was not my genre and it does have a happily-ever-after ending. How nice. But if you want to read anything that’s based upon reality or anything that will advance the cause of humankind, this is not the book.