Your Boat Sailed

Your boat sailed a long time ago
And you were in it.
Now my life is an embargo
Of anything you deposit.

Boat Sailed

Your Boat Sailed. The perfect message that needed to be expressed and was and is over with. Like the thoughts expressed, this is out of my head, not that the thoughts were active, either.

I do not sit around thinking about you
And have not in a while.
For me the skies are once again azure blue
And my face wears a smile.

There are no longer storm clouds on my horizons
Or eggshells where I walk.
No longer unfair accusations or suspicions
With whom I chose to talk.

I don’t have to worry about who I’ll meet at the door
When I come home at day’s end.
Or if I’ll find you lying passed out in the floor
And lie about it to our church friends.

Yes, you still project your fears onto me
And cast your evil sins my way.
That’s the way it’s always been and will be
At least that’s what the doctors say.

They tell me to let you howl into the night
Like the wolf at the Moon.
That doesn’t seem to make things right
But you’ll stop howling soon.

For not too long from now there’ll be a guy
A sucker just like me;
Who will come a long and be fooled just as I
For you to sink your fangs in, we’ll see.

It’s always my fault, but really it isn’t
I’ve come to see that clearly.
You’ve tried to turn me into a ruinous peasant
But you’ll never topple me.

Because I’m stronger than you will ever be;
For one simple thing is true.
It is okay for me to be in love with me
And you will only ever find hate for you.