Zaditor--The Cure for Itching Eyes in Texas

WFAA Weatherman Pete Delkus keeps tweeting to North Texas–If you’re allergic to grass, the pollen is high right now–but you already knew that.

Zaditor, the cure for itching eyes in Texas.

Zaditor, the cure for itching eyes in Texas.

And indeed, one of my daughters has been having a horrible time of it for about two months now and I’ve been skating past–until the past three weeks.  I got outside, get in the car and drive maybe a mile or two and I find I’ve got tears running out of the corners of my eyes. But I’m not crying. And then my eyes are red. And burning.  And then I’m cursing the name of Pete Delkus.  Okay, it’s really not his fault.

So this morning I was talking to my mom, a nurse, who after I told her what the problem was said, go get some Zaditor. It’s over-the-counter and it has antihistamine in it. The other thing she said was it’s expensive.

So I was almost to Walmart today and found my way to the eye drop section and there it was for about $11. Next to it was the Walmart Equate brand for $8 maybe.  I bought the Equate version.


So you’re only supposed to use it twice a day but already after one dose, it’s been like, well, when it isn’t grass pollen time in Texas.

This has worked today better than Sudafed, better than Clariton D, better than Visine.

So here’s the pitch. Try Zaditor or the Equate version.  Zaditor, if you’d contact me and send me some samples I’d love to give your product a run, too, knowing it’s the same thing basically. And hey, while you’re here, on the Zaditor Website you can get a coupon for the wonder drug for $1 off retail price. Every bit counts in this day and age and truly, I would have liked to have gotten the brand name, but seriously,  Zaditor feels like it’s the genuine cure for itching eyes in Texas. Really, I suppose it’d work in a state that’s not Texas, too, but hey, few other states do grass pollen like Texas… Ye haw….

And thanks, mom.