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Targeted marketing content affects businesses daily.

Winning a political campaign requires raising more money than ever before. Not to mention a powerful message.

A responsive website with superb content is a requirement for business, civic, political, and non-profit entities. Even writers need a site and an email list before becoming authors.

Don’t forget the importance of social media and the rising effectiveness in sending email newsletters.

A 2019 report claims more than 30,000 hours of video uploads to YouTube each hour. That was three years ago….

And then there are the souls of those who write novels, movie scripts, and plays. Competition for supported projects requires sound writing and error-free pages.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Needing strategic plans for internal and external communications for your business, political, or issues campaigns?
  • Hunting for a website designer who generates prime, niche content?
  • Wanting to do strategic planning and targeted messaging to increase social media engagement?
  • Looking for tools and guides for creative and novel writing?

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I am passionate about applying my writing and three decades of public relations experience to help you set and reach your communications goals.
Together, we will find the apps, places, and websites where your target audiences live.
My company will help you set and reach your internal and external communications, writing, and/or social media goals.

“It’s been quite a trip—Many thanks for your good work on many occasions.”

Fob James, Jr.
Former Governor of Alabama

Fob James Letter Testimonial

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Jan. 15, 2004, a Dallas middle-school student stabs another seven times right after school.

By assuring the public and parents of the school, only seven of 1,200 students did not attend the next day. Even with the murderer still on the loose. Seven, rather, six, counting the murdered student.

Letter from Dr. Mike Moses

“Job well done. There is no way we could have seen positive news. The best we could hope for is fair and balanced. You did all you could to ensure that.

“Your work with the media was very good….”

Dr. Mike Moses
Former Dallas Independent School District Superintendent

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