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Author Begins Tour Of East Coast Educating Public Facts About Maya Predictions


Dr. Mark Van Stone Making Public Appearances In Florida, Georgia, Washington, New York, Maryland, And More To Be Announced In Promotion Of New Book

PALM COAST, FL—With less than 85 days remaining before the end of the Maya calendar, renowned Maya scholar Dr. Mark Van Stone Thursday began a month-long tour of the East Coast to educate the public about what scientists factually recognize about the ancient Maya, encouraging parents on the best ways to talk to their children about the hype surrounding Maya prophecy, and to promote his new, one-of-a-kind book for the iPad® now available on the iBookstore.Screen Shot 2012 09 15 at 2.09.42 PM

In the next month he is slated to speak during the following events:


Sept. 27-29: Maya At The Playa: Dr. Van Stone is slated to speak for 15 minutes on Friday/Saturday about his newly released book for the iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya during this sixth annual conference in Palm Coast, Florida. He is available for on-site interviews and radio call-ins.


Oct. 4:  7:30 p.m. Emory University, Carlos Museum Reception Hall

Dr. Van Stone will deliver a lecture entitled It’s Not the End of the World: What the Ancient Maya Tell Us About 2012, and demonstrate his new book for the iPad.


Oct 5-6: The Annual Pre-Columbian Symposium at Dumbarton Oaks: While not slated to speak at the two-day conference, Dr. Van Stone will be available for morning TV hits, and radio and print interviews.

Oct. 11: 12 noon – 1 p.m. Library of Congress, Montpelier Room/James Madison Bldg, 6th Floor: Dr. Van Stone will speak about the Ancient Maya and the year 2012, while also featuring his new book for the iPad in a format never-before-seen on the Maya in the Library of Congress.


Oct. 10: 6:30 p.m. American Museum of Natural History, Planetarium Space Theater.
Dr. Van Stone will deliver 2012 and the Maya: It’s Not The End of the World.  (There is a fee for entrance for the public.)

Oct. 13 8 a.m. Are These The Last Days Conference, Manhattan Bridges High School, 525 West 50th Street. Dr. Van Stone will speak at this one-day conference about the Maya 2012 prophecies and the development of his new book for the iPad which helps fully explain what was and was not predicted.

Other events are to be announced in NYC.


Oct. 16: 6:30 p.m. John Hopkins University Homewood Campus, Read My Glyphs—An Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphics, Wyman Park Bldg., STE S-709, 3400 N. Charles St. Dr. Van Stone will demonstrate basic Maya syllabi and logographic glyphs, the elements of the Maya calendar and use his new book for the iPad as a resource for understanding more about the ancient Maya.


In November, Dr. Van Stone is slated to make appearances in his home state of California, followed by a gathering of some of the world’s most renowned Mayanists at Chichen Izta in the Yucatan of Mexico for Dec. 21, 2012.

Dr. Van Stone is available for on-set, satellite, telephone and desk-side interviews. To schedule an interview with him, please contact Donald Claxton at 972-863-8784.

In his book, now available on the iBookstore in a format exclusive to the iPad®, Dr. Van Stone addresses all the actual Maya predictions made for Dec. 21. It can be used to help educate the public as more, and more shrill, “prophecies” come out of the woodwork as we approach the 5,125-year “end” of the Maya calendar-cycle.

This 179-page book has 3-D animations, interactive maps and drawings, beautiful photographs, and two hours of video illustrations. It is the best tool to counter the exponentially-expanding fantasies of pseudo-scientists, dreamers, hallucinators and snake-oil salesmen looking to capitalize on the “end” of the Maya Calendar on Dec. 21 or 23, 2012. Dr. Van Stone points out that more scholars correlate the “end of the Bak’tun” in the Maya Long Count Calendar to Dec. 23 or 24 than to the 21st.

With degrees in physics and art history, Dr. Van Stone is an expert calligrapher, netsuke-carver, artist, and scholar of ancient writing. The book can be purchased in English on the iBookstore®, in 32 countries, at http://mvs2012.com.


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Claxton Creative is a Dallas-based full-service public relations firm focused on the development of interactive, multi-touch publications for mobile devices worldwide. The company was founded by former Dallas ISD communications director, Donald J. Claxton and is supported with the assistance of Fort Worth Author Ron Rose, Dallas Author Allen Manning, Birmingham, AL editor Larisa Lovelady, Ally Stephenson of Huntsville, AL, and others.

Dr. Mark Van Stone

With degrees in physics and art history, Professor Mark Van Stone is an expert calligrapher, netsuke-carver, and scholar of world paleography and hieroglyphic writing.  He has worked as a musician, disk jockey, interviewer, laboratory technician, animator, type designer, author, lecturer, and archaeological illustrator. His beautifully-illustrated books on Maya hieroglyphs and culture bridge scholarly and popular genres. This Renaissance man is a gifted and entertaining lecturer, ably explicating arcane subjects for a wide audience. His new interactive book for the iPad, 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, sets a new standard for popular cultural and science education.

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