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Day One of Travel with Mom from Dallas to Trinidad, CO

by | May 28, 2010 | Featured, Travel | 0 comments

What a beautiful day it was Thursday.

Mom and I left Dallas about 10 a.m. and headed northwest.

This is our first trip ever alone together.  So far, I’m not seeing why that’s the case, but we still have four days to go!

Mom talked a lot during the trip.  I learned things about her mom and dad’s mom that I didn’t know.  I learned things about how she’s thinking these days.  Mostly, I listened, giving affirmative comments when needed and storing it away in my mental analysis.

I drove around downtown Trinidad, CO last night. What a rustic looking mountain town.  Main Street is pretty, but you can see how hard the local economy has had it.  Most of the traditional restaurants that would have made walking down Main Street more fun are closed and look like they have been for a while.  There were some cool looking shops, however, and the buildings are something you’d find in a Disney movie.  So many stories could be told about what has and hasn’t ever happened in those shops.

At sunset, looking west into the mountains, the hues of nightfall were just delightful with the light reflecting through the clouds and cascading off of some of the snow-capped mountains.  Creede CO trip 2010 107

Today we make the final trek up into the mountains to Creede, CO, population 422.  There’s no McDonald’s.  Very little of anything but mountains and fresh air.

I’m looking forward to that.  And maybe today I finally meet grandpa’s old pal, Steve Quiller and his wife.  Gramps would come out here annually and stay with the Quillers.

Okay, time to finish packing.  Adventure is just around the corner.


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