It’s A New Day – My Walk With God And Maycee

Yesterday at the vet Maycee, our new Great Pyrenees, weighed in at 16 lbs.  She’ll double that in about six weeks.

Last night before bed, we took her on an extended walk. She didn’t whimper for a potty break in her crate all night. This was her fourth night in it.

At our selected time this morning, she was up and ready for her a.m. potty break and our morning walk.

Life has changed so much for me in just seven days.

My Morning Walk With God

July 24, 2014 sunrise over Mesquite, TX.

July 24, 2014 sunrise over Mesquite, TX.

This morning’s sunrise over Mesquite, Texas as inspiring. Whispy bluish gray clouds were scribbled across a plain of gradient orange and pink and night blue. The moon was in a crescent and a planet, not sure which one, drifted close by.

On our morning walks, I’ve found myself reconnecting with God in a new way. I’m more relaxed about life and focused on what’s important and what isn’t.

And Maycee is growing on this family as we are on her.

It was quiet outside this morning. Lots of ways to open up with God and commune.

And I did just that.