Saturday was the first day of the 2010 Taste of Creede, a two-day street festival on Main Street of Creede, CO, and it was a day full of great food, good art, and an ambiance you just can’t find in a big-town event anywhere, for instance in the South–in part because the high yesterday was 70 degrees–but more so because of the friendliness of the people.

Creede is apparently a town one comes to in order to get as far away from the rest of the world as possible.  And it’s a sanctuary of peace.

Yesterday I had a fantastic breakfast at The Old Firehouse Restaurant, which doubles as a Bed and Breakfast, and the Creede Soap and Candle Co.  The owner, Charles, says that the soap/candle part of his business probably is the sole Made In Creede product production short of the art that’s inspired here.

I highly recommend staying at The Old Firehouse Restaurant B&B.


One of the highlights of the day in Creede, yesterday was the local Silver Chef Cook Off Competition.   Creede CO trip 2010 26

They get local chef’s from the primary restaurants in town together in the middle of Main Street.  There are tables set up for each chef to use as a cooking station.  Each has a grill and access to the same ingredients.  Then as the cook off begins, they’re told what they’re to make and given 45 minutes in which to do so.

The smells from the roasting vegetables and the meats grilling with their own blend of flavors and spices just makes one hungry.

Who won?  You’ll have to watch the video!