Ready for Christmas 2009: Excitement about Santa’s Sleigh

Ready for Christmas: See Santa’s Sleigh and workshop beginning Nov. 27, 2009. 

Are you ready for Christmas?

Oh my gosh, we’ve gone overboard this year in our Christmas decorating.

Without reservation, I assure you we are the only house in miles that has its own, classic-looking Santa’s Sleigh.

We’re getting closer to being ready for the Nov. 27 arrival of Santa Claus at our house in Balch Springs, TX.

This weekend, Ashleigh, 5, helped me with retouches on the Santa’s Sleigh we built in late 2008.

Our Elves are busy, busy, busy getting ready for Christmas 2009!

We have much work to do to be ready for the 27th!

It’s a busy time at our house.

This keeps things fun and the excitement building.

This past weekend I put up a canopy of lights over our swimming pool and added other festive decorations in the backyard.

Check out EA SPORTS Active for the Wii.

This week we’re also starting a new workout program with EA SPORTS Active using “More Workouts,” their new product that goes on sale tomorrow, Nov. 17. EASACTMWwiiBoxPFTfront

The Balch Springs Santa Cop program is ready for Christmas!

Don’t forget our big priority for Christmas 2009–supporting the Balch Springs Police Department’s 23rd annual Santa Cop program.
We encourage those who come to see Santa also to bring an unwrapped toy, gift certificate, etc. we will present to the police department.
They will provide Balch Springs children whose parents cannot afford Christmas presents for their children this year.
This helped about 150 area families last year.
We’re hoping to assist even more in 2009.

Stop back soon as we continue to get ready for Christmas 2009.

There will be a new video by week’s end of the Sleigh and the beginning decorations of Santa’s Workshop and landing pad in our front yard.

You can learn more about my Santa Sleigh and Santa Workshop build from:


This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


  1. Erin(irishis98 from Twitter)

    I hope you’ll keep posting about the new Wii workout I’m waiting for mine to arrive and I’ll be doing it too. Good luck to you. I’ve been doing the Active Sports for 3 months now, not a bit of weight loss but great muscles are under there.

  2. Donald Claxton

    Without a doubt, Erin, I surely will be posting new video material about EA SPORTS Active. This is my new Web home and I’m going to do lots here. Thanks for checking in. EA SPORTS Active is an important part of losing weight, I know, it’s been successful for me, but so is eating right and the like. Keep at it. This is something we all have to keep at. It doesn’t get fixed overnight and it never gets easier!


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